Private yoga sessions

"Yoga is for everyone and always has been." --Gary Kraftow

Individualized yoga sessions to help you slow down, focus your mind, and reduce stress so that you can live with more ease and joy. 

My approach integrates the therapeutic aspects of yoga with mindfulness and meditation.  My goal is to teach you simple yet powerful self-care practices to promote resiliency, improve your health, help you feel better and balance your nervous system. 

Work with me

An opportunity to develop your own personal practice

4 sessions

We'll develop a personalized routine including gentle movement, breathing exercises and meditations. The initial yoga package includes one 75 minute session + three 60 minute sessions

Copy of your routine

No need to worry about forgetting things by the time you get home. 

Unlimited email support

Questions? I'll be there to support you in between sessions and offer any clarifications or encouragement needed. 

Recordings of all meditations

I want to make it easy for you to incorporate your new routine into your daily life.

Package price: $255

Frequently asked questions

I've been intimidated by yoga in the past. Will this work for me? 

Chances are that the yoga you've tried before was in a group setting where the emphasis was getting into the physical yoga postures that require a very specific combination of flexibility and strength, prompting you to think that yoga is only for long lean super bendy types. However, I adapt the yoga practices to the unique needs of each individual making it accessible to people of all different ages, body types, flexibility, as well as those who've never tried yoga before. 

What is mindful yoga? 

Mindful yoga places special emphasis on the mind-body-breath connection and incorporates gentle movement combined with breathing exercises and complementary meditations. By encouraging an integrated and embodied experience, this type of yoga can be especially beneficial for anyone seeking stress reduction or those who are dealing with chronic anxiety and/or depression. 

For what issues is this approach to yoga beneficial?

This slower and more mindful approach to yoga can be a complementary approach to a wide range of ailments--physical, mental or emotional, including: 

  • anxiety or depression

  • stress reduction

  • emotional balance

  • insomnia

  • peri-menopause and menopause

  • PMS

  • fatigue

*Please note, that this does not replace medical attention or medication. Please always consult with your healthcare practitioner. 

What type of time commitment will this require to see results? 

Each person has a unique set of factors determining how and when they'll see improvement. Still, one common and crucial factor is a commitment to a consistent practice at home in between sessions and after our work together has ended. This could mean committing to a 10 minute daily practice or setting aside 30 minutes every other day. Consistency is what builds results. 

Do I need any special equipment?

I will provide everything you need during each session (mats, blankets, props, chairs). Be sure to wear comfortable clothes! At minimum, I recommend having a yoga mat and blankets at home. I will recommend other props I believe would be of benefit for your home practice during our sessions. 

How often will we meet? 

Ideally, we will meet on a weekly basis for 4 weeks. I've seen this to be the most beneficial schedule in order to build a sustainable and effective practice. However, sessions can be done every other week. You have 3 months to complete your 4 sessions from the time of purchase. At the end of the 3 months, remaining sessions will be forfeited. 

What if I try one and I don't like it?

In order to make sure that this is the best fit for you, I offer a 20 minute free phone call to answer any concerns or questions. Package can be cancelled up to 72 hours prior to your first session minus a $30 processing fee. After you've had your first session, the package is non-refundable. What we discuss in that first session is only the beginning; it's implementing it into your life and having follow up that will bear results.